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General Questions


General Questions:

Who is The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies?

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is a private organisation owned by its members - we are thus not connected to the universities or otherwise financed by public funding. We try to stay politically neutral.

Approximately forty academic employees work at offices in Malmö and Copenhagen. We gather a wide range of know-how in subject fields such as economy, political science, psychology, ethnography, and sociology.

There is no such thing as a formal futurology education, but we always welcome unsolicited requests to become part of our creative and dynamic organisation.

Please refer to the jobs page for more information.

Is it allowed to copy articles or other material from

All online material is in principle accessible to the public. It is thus allowed to use and copy articles and make citations of published work as long as good practice is respected.

Please refer to our press policy for more information.

How many employees can participate in a CIFS-activity?
All employees at our membership organisations and businesses are welcome at the CIFS meetings and conferences.

It is not allowed to invite customers or associated business partners to the CIFS activities.

Please refer to Jette Lauritsen for registration.

How do I get a username and password to access protected material?

All employees at the CIFS membership companies and organisations can get an extended user access by being registered as user.
The member service currently provides you with:

- Full access to the article database
- Access to download member reports
- Access to download work-papers from member activities
- Access to download presentations and minutes from member activities
- Online registration and cancellations to participate in theme meetings and
member conferences

Username and password are personal, and we recommend that members do not share passwords.

Dette link kræver udvidet adgang Registration for extended user access can be done here or everywhere you see the keylock .

I have extended user access but cannot log on?

The username is the e-mail address, provided by you on registration. The password is a four-character composition - please note that the password is case sensitive.

If you forgot your password klick here and we will mail it to you.

International news­letter

If the list does not meet your needs, please feel free to contact us with your request.

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Nørre Farimagsgade 65
DK-1364 Copenhagen K

(+45) 3311 7176
(+45) 3332 7766 (fax)

Questions on member activities, membership and -service:
Keld Holm

Questions on projects:
Jeffrey S. Saunders

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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Founded in 1970 by Professor Thorkil Kristensen, former Minister of Finance and Secretary-General of the OECD.
We strengthen the basis for decision-making in public and private organizations by creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present.

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