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Futureorientation 6/2008

Gitte Larsen

Dear Reader. The time has come. Earth is suffering. The systems are cracking. Companies gasp for breath. People are dying. Animals die out.

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Theme: The Global futures issue

Jeffrey Scott Saunders: Facts about the ”PLANET”

Modern agriculture depends on a single, finite resource, phosphorous, that unfortunately is non-renewable. Facts about the "planet" also includes facts and foresights about waste management, water scarcity, nuclear power and renewable energy in US.

Jeffrey Scott Saunders & Thomas Geuken: The D.C. “swamp”

Energy policy and climate change are two of the many challenges facing Barack Obama. Unless Obama is truly the transformational figure that many hope he is, US domestic politics will make an effective climate change protocol in December 2009 unlikely. Read why.

Dorthe Steenberg: Ayni – the force of reciprocity

The low clouds are like fog banks around the Andean peak. It is early morning. I have I have traveled thousands of miles, halfway around the earth, to these high altitudes where the air is thin. For five long years I have waited to get here, since I first learned about the indigenous people’s beautiful and timeless wisdom.

Jeffrey Scott Saunders: Facts about ”PEOPLE”

MBA students and their social attitudes – and more.

Essay by Morten Grønborg: The undifferentiated society

“Differentiated indifference is the formal secret behind the masses and its culture, which organizes a total middle. Therefore, its jargon can be nothing other than a glib individualism. When we swear that everything we do to be different really means nothing, we allow ourselves to do whatever we want. ‘Today’s culture makes everything look the same” Peter Sloterdijk

Jeffrey Scott Saunders: Facts about ”PROFIT”

Consumers don’t know what the most environment-friendly practices are. Nor can they identify the best way to reduce their carbon footprint. Businesses could help, but are not.

Randi Lildballe: GO EAST!

While the international economy seems in a deep freeze, there is light on the horizon. In two of the world’s potentially largest economies, a consumer party is happening. But will Denmark watch or participate?

Futureorientation 6/2008


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