Axel Olesen Axel Olesen – Managing Director CIFS (DK)
Axel Olesen is Managing Director of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. His primary fields of work are economy, HR, research and strategy. Axel Olesen has been Managing Director of the Institute since the beginning of 2004. The futurist Axel Olesen gives presentations, carries out projects, writes articles and is an active contributor to the FO/futureorientation magazine.
Anne Lise Kjaer – Founder & Director kjaer global (UK)
Kjaer’s exceptional eye for trends is matched by an original and inspiring way of translating fledgling concepts into commercial success stories. Using holistic principles kjaer global creates future concepts for the next generation of consumers. Clients include IKEA, McKinsey, SONY, TOYOTA and Unilever.
Anne Lise Kjaer
Rohit Talwar Rohit Talwar – Inspirational speaker, strategist and change agent, Fast Future.
Rohit Talwar was recently profiled as one of the top 10 global trend watchers by The Independent. He is currently helping clients (including the UK government, Shell and IBM) respond to the rise of Asia and writing a book on China’s impact on 21st century global industry.
Henrik Boserup – Celebrity chef boserup.dk (DK)
The Danish chef Henrik Boserup is famous for his two bestselling cookbooks ‘white food’ and ‘black food’. Boserup is a man on a mission: he has inspired a whole nation to be more aware about the food they eat. Boserup’s services include catering, presentations and team building.
Henrik Boserup
Kate Ancketill Kate Ancketill – Managing Director GDR Creative Intelligence (UK)
With 9 years in the design industry and 6 years in global retail trend analysis, Kate Ancketill runs GDR Creative Intelligence and acts as the main liaison with clients like Sony, Nike and P&G. She presents the findings of GDR’s quarterly research output over 100 times a year, at client’s offices worldwide and at major international conferences.
Marvin Wilkinson and Tom Greatrex – Directors Anterior:Insight (UK)
Greatrex and Wilkinson are the key forces in the consumer-based insight consultancy: Anterior:Insight. Specialising in qualitative market research, forecasting and analysis, their focus is the impact trends and consumer activity have on brands and future product development. Their clients count: Saga, The Independent, Drapers, Time Out.
Marvin Wilkinson and Tom Greatrex
James Woudhuysen James Woudhuysen – Professor De Montfort University (UK)
Woudhuysen is a physics graduate, a columnist for IT Week and Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester. James has a knack of registering trends before other people, and offering counter-intuitive proposals on what to do about those trends. The only things James does not forecast are the weather, the stock market, the horses and your own personal destiny.
Adam Hill – Director Brand X (DK)
Hill co-founded Brand X to bring creative thinking and a coherent voice to the all-too tired world of financial marketing. ‘Building brands and marketing programmes that possess the agility to recognise, define and increase the value of all corporate relationships is what will determine durable commercial success over the next decade’. In his humorous and refreshing style chairman Adam Hill guides us through the day ahead.
Adam Hill